Sacred Heart of Jesus
Munising, Michigan
Father Michael Kweku Ocran

High School Faith Formation

The High School religion class meets the third Sunday of the month after the 10:00 A.M.Mass.

The classes have a specific Confirmation preparation intent but are relatable to all high school age students. We use a program called Chosen which is published by Ascension Press. Chosen is a 24-session program that prepares students intellectually and spiritually to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. The program both catechizes and challenges teens to fully embrace a life in Christ. Chosen is a comprehensive learning experience centered around video and workbook lessons, with guides for leaders, parents and sponsors. Lessons are designed for 90-minute sessions, but can be taught in 60-minutes. Each lesson begins with a fun onscreen review game of the previous week's material, followed by opening prayer. DVD presentations are in 3 segments with breaks for activities, workbook assignments and discussion. Each lesson also includes a Hero of the Week, Challenge of the Week and closing prayer.

Students are Confirmed in their Junior year.